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2023 EMO Hannover

DATE:September 18-23, 2023

Booth No. :  HALL 013 C12




High-speed Vertical Machining Center

  • Apply Japan's top brand linear guideway, THK, and increase sliders on all three axes to enhance loading capacity response time for machining.

  • Different from the common box type with internal rib, utilize the keel design with stronger bending resistance. 

  • Larger the table base to provide strong full support without overhang problem.

  • The design of the inner cooled ballscrew, coolant system in the bearing seat, and motor board with cooling circuit are to reduce thermal growth.

High-speed Vertical Machining Center


2023 Kao Ming 55 Years Anniversary Celebration Party

2023 Kao Ming 55 Years Anniversary Celebration Party

This year we gather our dear customers, suppliers and partners to greatly celebrate Kao Ming 55 Years Anniversary !

2019-2020 Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

 Lean Manufacturing.

2023 Kao Ming 55 Years Anniversary Celebration Party

2019 Incentive Tour

Travel to japan !


2018 Incentive Tour

This year's employee travel, we went to Kyushu, Japan.

The soul of the tour is the leader and the guide.

Everyone is very happy!


Highlights of TMTS 2018



2018 End-of-year Feast

This year's End-of-year Feast, the company entertained us to visit the Taian, the feast of food and hot springs, in this cold weather, bathing really is a great enjoyment!


2017 Incentive Tour

This year's Incentive Tour went to Singapore and Malaysia for five days and four nights.
To experience the culture and environment of different countries,
The difference between the two countries in the world can be imagined in Singapore’s small land.
The national government manages.
Malaysia is a happy country with abundant natural resources. It has no natural disasters and it is an undisputed life.


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