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1. Scrapping is a skill more difficult than woodcarving.

2. It is the precise starting point for machine tools. Scrapping is not only excludes our dependence on other machine tools but also can eliminate the deviation for clamping force and thermal energy.

3. The guideway with scrapping isn’t worn out easily because of the excellent lubrication effect.

4. The standard concept of scrapping is a flat surface with 50% “high points” (per inch with many points) and 50% “low points” (cuff formed the contacted surface sleeve film). The scrapping PPI (spot No per square inch) of slideway for machine tools is more than 20 points.  The contacted ratio of POP (the proportion of area and tool area) is 40% for using.

High points: To bear the loading points
Low points: oil bag



Box way and linear way


Box-way is of sliding friction, and because of having face to face interface, the sliding area of contact is large enough for the overall rigidity of machine, high stability of machining and also enables to have high load capacity and strength. Besides, due to its large area of contact, it has good shock absorption, damping effect and good dynamic rigidity. With these shock-resistant characteristics, it makes machine to be long-lived and ensure the stability of machining quality.

If you want to process castings such as cast steel and other difficult cutting materials, or heavy-duty, heavy cutting, rough and high-cutting processing requirements, the box-way machine has advantages of contacting large-area, heavy cutting. It is suitable for machining requirements of heavy duty cutting.

Application Industry:
Box-way machine is usually used in the high hardness of the steel mold, mold base, interior parts of automobile and a variety of small and medium-sized machine parts. Box-way models are also the most appropriate choice for difficult cutting materials and requirements of high removal rate.


Box way and linear way

Linear way

Linear guide way is rolling friction type, has point contact or line contact interface Consequently, it has small friction resistance and fast reaction.
It also has fast moving speed and response.
The minimum feed unit is accurately, so the stick slip situation rarely occurs.
Relative to low demand of equipment driving horsepower, the linear guide way machine can save energy efficiency.

Because of less friction heat and small rolling friction, the machine can achieve high-speed movement and keep maintaining in certain accuracy.
Due to the special design of the linear guide way structure, it can bear the radial, anti-radial and lateral load simultaneously, keep accuracy, and can easily adjust the preload and increase sliders quantity to improve the combination of rigid and load ability.

When do the complicated machining, it will cause long time in both tool change and feed rate , the linear guide way machine can reduce machining time effectively, to enhance the speed of the machine.

Linear way

When the workpiece has a large number of curved surface and reversal moving demand, the low friction of linear guide way machine can play its minimum feed unit accurate advantage, to achieve a small displacement and high reproducibility performance, to meet the high speed high accurate and good surface roughness requirements.

Industry Application:
The linear guide way machine is common used in the machining of complex workpiece, or large quantities of small and medium-sized parts, as well as multi-surface workpiece on marine industry and aviation industry.

Box way and linear way

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