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Vertical Double-Column Machining Center


  • The 40-taper 15000 rpm high-speed spindle satisfies the high-speed and high precision processing requirements of molds and general precision parts.

  • This machine has a gantry structure with the Y axis independently located on the vertical column’s arch-bridge. The X axis is independently located on bed so that overlapping load and overhang can be prevented.

  • Three-axis roller-type linear motion guide: the roller post and guide is of the linear contact type. When the rolling element takes on a heavy load, the element only exhibits trace amounts of elastic deformation. Thus, this type of guide has a long life, high precision, and can bear heavy loads. 

  • Utilizes high precision, high stability, high rigidity, and high efficiency precision direct drive type spindle. An optional low vibration, low inertia, dynamic rotation high precision internal spindle can be selected. Different spindles can be matched to different cutting requirements.

  • The front and rear beds of the three axes and the main fixing surface have undergone scarping processing to ensure the machine has a long service life.

  • Telescopic interlocking sliding door. This door allows the operator to be closer to the spindle (375 mm) when opened. This user-friendly design makes it convenient for the operator to load and unload tools and work pieces.

Vertical Double-column Machining Center


※: Option design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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