Multi-Face Type Double-Column Machining Center


  • The X, Y and Z axis are fully support by rigid box ways.

  • All surfaces that make contact with the slideways are lined with Turcite-B to ensure long lasting and optimum rigidity during heavy cutting conditions.

  • KMC-SR-H series are designed to meet the needs of multi-face machining the molds and machine constructions in one set-up. That increases productivity and makes the cost down.

  • Standard automatic horizontal head (index accuracy ±3 sec), with automatic V/H tool changer reduces the cost of tools and machining, enhance manufacturing efficiency.

  • Specially designed tool unclamp cylinder which totally eliminates any outside forces from being applied to the spindle bearings when releasing the tool. A high stability, rigidity gear type 2-step spindle has the ability to refine boring large size holes in 6 rpm.  

※: Option design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

KMC-SR SR-H (En)型錄.jpg

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