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5-Axis Type Double-Column Machining Center

5-Axis Type Double-Column Machining Center


  • The new KMC-1337EPG 5-axis machining center features a fixed table, moving gantry with elevating crossbeam .

  • The 2-axis head has the minimum cross section of 420mm(16.5in)x443mm(17.4in),and is capable of machining the narrow concave workpieces easily and deeply.

  • High torque gear transmission spindle ram features maximum spindle output torque of 612Nm(450ft-lbf),maximum cutting torque of 2000Nm(1472ft-lbf) on B/C axis.

  • Preloaded Rack and Pinion Drives are used on X-axis;20m/min (787ipm)rapid feed rate can be achieved under heavy load carrying.

  • Fit for very long and large workpieces needed high torque machining; real 5-axis-simultaneous machining.

  • Optimized and minimized machining ranges can be made under the mutual movement function between Z and W axes for varied workpieces.

  • Roller packs for the movement of carriages are adopted to use on Y-axis insert-box ways to increase the feed and rigidity.

Moving Gantry Plano Machining Center


※: Option design and specifications are subject to change without notice.



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