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Multi-Face Type Double-Column Machining Center


  • The X, Y and Z axis are fully support by rigid box ways.

  • All surfaces that make contact with the slideways are lined with Turcite-B to ensure long lasting and optimum rigidity during heavy cutting conditions.

  • Combines the advantages of machining all 4 sides with angular attachment and machining the top face with vertical spindle head in one set-up.

  • 2-station AAC magazine is located at the CRT side includes an automatic opening door, protecting the attachments from chips and coolant.

  • Since the spindle is driven by a powerful 26 KW (35 HP) spindle motor and through two-speed transmission by gears, the maximum spindle torque is a powerful 780 Nm (575 ft-lb), allowing heavy-duty cutting.

  • Tool can be easily unloaded/loaded from the horizontal spindle by operating a foot-switch.

KMC-SV-H 規格表-1-01.jpg
KMC-SV-H 規格表-2-01.jpg
KMC-SV-H 規格表-3-01.jpg

※: Option design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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