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Vertical Machining Center

Vertical Maching Center


  • High rigid construction four slideways on base, ensures high precision machining accuracy.

  • A 11 kw / 15 kw (15 HP / 20 HP) spindle motor with 2-step gear transmission provide a high revolution up to 4400 rpm.

  • The spindle is supported by grease packed precise angular contact ball bearing to minimize heat generation.

  • The lubricant for both spindle and the gear box is forced-cooled by the standard oil cooling system to ensure protection from thermal displacement.

  • The 24-station rotary-type tool magazine is driven by a cam unit (KMC-1100V)

  • The 32-station chain-type tool magazine is driven by an electric motor (KMC-1500V)

  • An universal angle head (optional) can widely extend machining application.


※: Option design and specifications are subject to change without notice.



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No.53, Houke S. Rd,. Houli Dist, Taichung City 42152, Taiwan

TEL / +886-4-2557-7650

FAX / +886-4-2557-7630

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